• Ristorante Lucca La Griglia di Varrone
    Location Lucca
  • Location Lucca La Griglia di Varrone
    Location Lucca
  • Interno Locale Griglia di Varrone Lucca
    Location Lucca
La Griglia di Varrone restaurant is a particular world where shapes, colours, curiosities and the enthusiasm take their essences in the design.

Detail is the  “added value” in the design and when this  results spontaneous and natural  inside the project, the "created place" is filled with that energy which will enliven it in time.

There is no better pair   than Design and "Food" to create the best sensations and atmospheres for  the "places" of Taste.
Playing with colour, fire and iron the Varrone concept comes, where everything rotate on the high quality of things, sensations and memories.

In the project, the space is regenerated by the design moulded by light and coulour in order to narrate together with the cuisine the raw material quality which is shown in the window in front of the large grill which overlooks the hall and in the room of the woods which completely wrap the place.

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